ZapPowee Certified Back End Specialist

What is a “Back End Specialist” and how can he or she help my business?

Yes, I know, it’s a funny name. But it when it comes to helping your company, a Back End Specialist is serious business.

Here’s why*:

  • Two-thirds of all businesses have no sales/marketing funnel or integrated nurturing processes in place.
  • Properly constructed sales/marketing funnels can support up to 700% two year growth.
  • Integrated nurturing processes have created 70% increase in “Inbound Calls” (the type of prospects you want!)

A ZapPowee Certified “Back End Specialist”™ is trained to help your businesses plan and implement sales/marketing funnels and integrated nurturing campaigns that quickly lead to more rings at your register.

You see, most businesses, focus the majority of their time, money and resources on the “Front End” of the marketing funnel, aka “Lead Generation”. The common misnomer is “If I just had more traffic to my store, or to my website, or to my restaurant… I would have more business.”

The fallacy in this thinking is that only 3%-5% of the people that see a marketing message are Ready, Willing and Able (RWA) to buy from you right now.

The other 95%-97% need some time.  They want to do research. They need to make some more money. Or maybe they just not ready at this very moment to pull the trigger.

And even if they do buy, most businesses to not have the proper customer follow up systems in place to maximize the “Lifetime Value” of a customer so that they buy from you again, and even refer you to their friends, family and social connections.

As a ZapPowee Certified “Back End Specialist”™, I can help you improve all of these aspects of our business and more.

To find out how, download our free report: “The Money is in the Back End” and then let us know how we can help your company convert that fickle traffic into actual paying customers.


* B2B Marketing Benchmark Report