Marketing Tips For Small Business: Lead With Your Back End

What are the best marketing tips for small business I can offer?

“Lead with your back end.”

It’s an amazingly powerful concept that I first learned from Steve Rosenbaum, the founder of ZapPowee.  The best way for you to get an overview is to download our free whitepaper “The Money Is In The Back End“.

Here’s the idea.

Today’s consumers do A LOT of research before they buy.  They seek out “Experts” that will help educate them before they make the buying decision.

Make sense?

Of course, it does (I bet you like to buy that way yourself!).

A properly constructed “Back End” automates this process and builds powerful relationships with prospects.  That way when they do decide to buy, you become the only logical choice.  Think of it as the solid foundation that supports and strengthens your entire marketing process.

As a Certified Back End Strategist, I follow a time-tested and proven strategy that gets your foundation in place first. After that, I follow a carefully laid out plan to build upon your successes and integrates important new technologies like social media, video, SMS texting, mobile, reputation management, Local SEO and more.

It all begins with our ZapPowee Marketing System Assessment.

Feel free to contact me for more information about how I can help you “Lead with your Back End!”.


Costly Advertising Mistakes: Why Most Businesses Get It Wrong

Pick up any local magazine or newspaper. Listen to the ads on the radio and TV.  You’ll find most businesses are making the same costly advertising mistakes over and over.

Are you one of them?

Doing it wrong will cripple your business.  Even worse, these mistakes make it almost impossible for you to accurately measure your results (no, asking your customer how they heard about you will not give you the type of business intelligence you need).

Here are the hallmarks of “Costly Advertising Mistakes”:

  1. No Powerful Headline
  2. No Call to Action
  3. No Capture of Contact Information
  4. No Follow Up

Of the 4 of these, “No Capture of Contact Information” and “No Follow Up” are the absolute most critical.  (If you’d like to know why, grab a copy of my whitepaper “The Money Is In The Back End“.  It’s likely the most impactful 15 minutes you can spend on your marketing today).

Fixing these 4 errors will put you head and shoulder ahead of your competition.  Better yet, when you direct all your traffic to process, such as our LEAC Proof Funnel System, you’ll gather critical business intelligence to accurately track and measure the effectiveness of each and every ad you run.

Call your Certified Back End Specialist today and ask about our ZapPowee Marketing Systems Assessment tool that can help you identify quick and easy solutions to improve your marketing, find more prospects and convert them into paying customers.


Becoming The Expert In Your Field Customers Want to Buy From

You’ve heard it said millions of time before; people buy from companies they “Know, Like and Trust.”  Yet most companies do it all wrong.  They go for the kill every time, and try to make a sale way too soon.

Instead, spend your time building your authority and becoming the expert in your field that everybody wants to do business with.  It’s easier than you think.

Here’s the formula:

  • Spend 80% of time educating and entertaining your visitors about your subject.
  • Answer the questions in your prospects’ minds (undoubtedly you could probably answer a dozen right now). “Didja Know” Videos*, FAQ’s and emails are a great way to do this.
  • Develop a 12 Month Content Schedule and post regularly.
  • Make sure your messages get seen across all channels: your blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email and others. (Ask your Certified Back End Specialist about ZapPowee’s Atomic Marketing Powerhouse that automates this process and makes it easy for you).

It won’t take long.  Most of your competitors are not doing these things.  You’ll be amazed at the results: More inbound sales requests, more referrals and champions of your business, more positive reviews and much happier customers.

*”Didja Know” Videos is a term pioneered by Mike Stewart that refers to short video clips you can make answering the most common questions your customers have.  Your visitors will love them and even share them with their friends and family.  Ask your Certified Back End Specialist today if they can help you make 2 to 4 of these videos each month for your blog.