Great Marketing BookSteve Rosenbaum is the “Original Back End Specialist” and the creator of ZapPowee’s Certified Back End Specialist Training program.

Steve’s passion for helping small businesses succeed is the driving force behind the program and many of the services that our company provides to help companies like yours survive and thrive!

Two Thirds of all businesses are throwing their marketing money down the toilet because they don’t know how to identify, communicate, follow up and build a relationship with the people they are trying to reach. Businesses of all types and sizes will benefit from the “Back End Blueprint” by learning”

  • Why “The Money Is In The Back End” and how to quickly restructure your marketing process to stop hemorrhaging valuable prospects
  • Why most companies can’t accurately track their marketing efforts, and what they can immediately do to make their current advertising more effective
  • How companies can quickly gather critical intelligence so that they can make better, more informed decisions that lead to more profitability and greater ROI.

Backend Blueprint is a great book that will teach you powerful strategies that can quickly help you find more prospects and convert those prospects into paying customers and champions of for business.

Leads you pay for today via sales efforts, trade shows, advertising, Yellow Pages, Direct Mail, SEO, etc., are costing you too much. Apply the Back End Blueprint to your business today, and be amazed at how quickly you start seeing results!

Find out today how a ZapPowee Certified “Back End Strategist”™ can empower your company with more meaningful intelligence about your business.