Marketing Tips For Small Business: Lead With Your Back End

What are the best marketing tips for small business I can offer? “Lead with your back end.” It’s an amazingly powerful concept that I first learned from Steve Rosenbaum, the founder of ZapPowee.  The best way for you to get an overview is to download our free whitepaper “The Money Is In The Back End“. [...]

Costly Advertising Mistakes: Why Most Businesses Get It Wrong

Pick up any local magazine or newspaper. Listen to the ads on the radio and TV.  You’ll find most businesses are making the same costly advertising mistakes over and over. Are you one of them? Doing it wrong will cripple your business.  Even worse, these mistakes make it almost impossible for you to accurately measure [...]

Becoming The Expert In Your Field Customers Want to Buy From

You’ve heard it said millions of time before; people buy from companies they “Know, Like and Trust.”  Yet most companies do it all wrong.  They go for the kill every time, and try to make a sale way too soon. Instead, spend your time building your authority and becoming the expert in your field that [...]